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I'm a bit of an interiors/design/real estate-mad Sydney girl (um, if you can still call yourself a girl when your next birthday is the big three-oh?), who's just about to do some major renos to the art deco 1920's unit that my husband, Tom, and I own in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.

I already do a bit of online sourcing, read design blogs and online mags, and thought, 'heck, why not document this process?'  I know that I gain a lot of inspiration and practical tips from blogs, so now's the time to give a little back...

My 'real job' is working for the Federal Government in policy-related roles - quite a different tangent!

Tom and I own a little black pug called Stella (aka the Monster), who runs around our apartment sharing her fur in equal portions amongst all of our belongings. XO