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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Inspiration via India Hicks

If you want some inspiration (not to mention life envy), India Hicks is a good place to start. Daughter of famed British designer David Hicks, goddaughter of Prince Charles, champion horse-rider, model and all-round talented, good-looking and rich over-achiever, she has a number of well-decorated properties in Barbados, including guesthouses if you can bank-roll it:
I love her fresh, relaxed style. Does decorating in a neo-colonial way, make one a neo-colonialist? Hmm...
I was going to paint my living spaces in antique white until I saw these photos. Now I've been convinced to go for a fresh, vivid white.
An inspiration wall - easy to recreate, and inexpensive.
India's roots are apparent here in the choice of floral upholstery. So British.
Gorgeous bathroom.

She really has such a well-developed and simple style formula, which is why it works so well. White, white and more white, with lots of warm wood and fresh flowers. I feel like I'm on holiday just looking at these photos...
All photos from the India Hicks website.

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