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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kitchen Inspiration

Well, it's officially a stinker here in Sydney today! I was determined to do, and really looking forward to, my Saturday morning Zumba class... until I went outside to hang up the washing. Then I retreated inside, closed all the blinds and windows, and turned the fan up. It's only 10am but I'd say we've probably hit 40C already...

So, turning thoughts back to interior design, I've spotted some inspiring kitchen pictures. Although I'm going to do one of those 'integrated', modern-style kitchens (because it will be part of an open-plan living/dining area and I don't want the kitchen to dominate in any way), I do quite like these American decorative-style kitchens. They're still simple and clean looking, but maybe a little more grown-up and elegant than slick/minimalist-style kitchens? What do you think? If I had a whole room/separate area devoted to the kitchen I think I'd be tempted down this path... or are they too fussy and girly? Hmmm...

This is an India Hicks kitchen - beautiful light fittings.

This is a good interpretation of the above look, but done on a budget. Note the same light fittings? Check out Made by Girl for more pics of this reno, and the one below.

Again, great  light fittings. They make such a difference.

I love open shelves, but let me tell you, they are not practical in the kitchen! Trust me, I have them now. Everything gets covered in a special greasy type of dust (even when not directly near the stove).

They do look nice though, don't they? Love floating shelves in particular.

I guess I must be a pragmatist, because I love a tile spashback like the one above, but I immediately think of all the tomato puree that will end up splashed in that nice, white grout... I think it will be boring old glass for me...

This is such a cute, feminine kitchen. Not sure about the limestone floors with this look, but it manages to have real character, which is hard for a kitchen that's obviously quite new. 

Enjoy the weekend! x

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