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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wedding Present (Made by Girl)

We went to a wedding last weekend for our lovely friends Catherine and Michael (Cath & Mouse). It was a great wedding, and quintessentially Australian - intimate, meaningful, relaxed and lots of fun. Although, maybe not so much for the groom at the end of the night, who strangely enough ended up with a small moth buried deep in his ear! I hear it was finally vacuumed out early the next morning after visits to a couple of different Ear, Nose and Throat specialists. What a wedding story... (rivaled only by Amilia's, who needed a quick stop via Emergency on the way to the reception to get some intravenous anti-nausea drugs to stop the nerve-induced vomiting! Hi Amilia...)

Here are a few stills from the big day (via the talented Miss Lee Wood):
Some paper lanterns near where the ceremony took place
The bride and groom
A stylish guest (Miss Susie Q)
Backyard reception and gift table
The beautiful bride in Australian designer Lisa Ho

I thought I would also share about the great wedding present I found for Cath & Mouse at Made by Girl, which is a cool blog and shop that sells a variety of custom prints.

See how their names are picked out in blue, with the cute little heart in the middle? You can choose from a few different sizes and colour combos, but I liked this one best.

I was a bit worried about what to get in the absence of specific directions, but I thought that this print is so cool, it would be hard to imagine anyone not liking it?! I also like that it's customised and something to remind a couple of their special day without being a typical wedding memento.

Anyway, I was so impressed with the final result after I popped it in the white frame I had bought for it, that I thought you guys might want to know in case you're after a wedding present idea.

Just a point to note - if you're ordering from Australia, I would allow a month's lead time. Due to my own disorganization, my print arrived the day before the wedding (and then went missing in Australia Post, before being found again),  which made for some mad last minute dashing around to find a frame etc. Upon Made by Girl's helpful recommendation, I went for the 20" x 16" print and found a frame with no worries at all!


  1. So pretty, what a great wedding present.

  2. Hi to you too! What a great story, though the moth in ear is far more annoying I think... Love the present, would make a good anniversary gift hey?!

    xx Amilia