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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nurseries & Kids Rooms

Given how many of my lovely friends are either pregnant, or have just had babies, I thought a nurseries/kids room post might be appreciated!

There's something about a well-decorated nursery or kids' room that is so fresh and nostalgic.

I can remember being little and already being so aware of all the little objects that were in my room and my house - I remember looking through my Dad's Beatles songbook because I loved all the bright, surreal pictures inside and how they made me feel. I think that the things you surround yourself with can profoundly influence your development, and your happiness.

I love how all the below pictures do a really modern, fresh interpretation on a nursery - somewhere that both the parents and kids will appreciate.

I'd be more than happy sleeping in here. I think the floors are stained Japanese Black.

There are so many more cute, quirky kids' toys around these days, like the cute little stuffed guy on the pink bookcase.

I'm a total sucker for a library. It's one of my life-long dreams to have one, and I reckon this would be a good start.

This is one of the most chic kids rooms I have seen (although maybe a little sterile?)


 Love, love, love! I think the ceiling is pretty brave (and cool).

Hopefully that's some food for thought...


  1. so pretty and classic love it

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  2. Gorgeous rooms! I love the libraries. I definitely need your advice to help spruce up Toby's room.