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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bathrooms with Character

It's hard to find examples of new bathrooms that manage to have some character too. The type of cookie-cutter renovation style that is favoured in Australia at the moment is very modern, simple and quite soulless too. All of the examples below have done things a little differently. They vary in style but are all really well executed.

New, but with a sense of 'old world'. A great choice for an art-deco style property

Girly and glam...

This bathroom isn't really my style, but I think it's so cool that they've managed to decorate it a like any other room in the house - it's not immediately apparent that it's a bathroom at all

 Elegant, but cozy and inviting at the same time. I'd be very happy reading my book in this bath...

 This is my personal fav - it's a bathroom from one of India Hick's properties. It's beautiful, fresh and elegant. I love that it looks modern but classic too - it's totally beyond faddish trends.


  1. I agree so many bathrooms are stock standard these days. It's so nice to see some with character. I have always loved those baby hexagon floor tiles, so simple and classic. I like the pedestal basins as well but not sure where I'd be able to hide all my junk!

  2. I think the last one if my favorite too. Love the pop of pink. I am in love with white bathrooms! Makes you feel so clean. Love your site :)

  3. I agree Diana - I don't think I could actually install a pedestal because I'm a pragmatist at heart and have way too much bathroom junk to hide, but so nice to look at... you can pick up original 1920's basins on ebay quite cheaply too. Pity.

    Katy - thanks! I love white bathrooms too. I have long, dark hair and a shedding, black pug, so think I'd be forced to go for a dark (or patterned) floor though : )