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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Renovation Progress!

Well,  our renovations were meant to be in full-swing by now, but we only received the plans in the mail yesterday. Exciting nonetheless!

And in another coup, Tom finished the lights in the common area. Here are some before and afters:

This is the foyer when it had PINK CARPET (note the pretty girls - my nieces, who were also my bridesmaids). This is the only photo I could find before we changed the carpet.

This next one is after we re-carpeted. We took a vote in the building regarding carpet colour choice, and 'Donkey Grey' it was (does that strike anyone else as a slightly sexual colour name?)! We didn't have plans to do the lights at that stage, but seeing that we had only re-painted a year before, lighting seemed like the only thing missing. Note the dodgy little light fitting.

And this is the foyer, re-painted, re-carpeted and 'dressed up' with the art-deco style light fitting. Voila!

This is the fitting all lit up. Having 5 bulbs, rather than 1, provides so much more light in the foyer. Tom has put the building lights on sensors too, making it much more eco-friendly and safe. There's now no need for the house lights to stay on all night long, because as soon as anyone exits their apartment, or enters the building, they turn on. Cool, hey?

These were the old wall lights.

These are the new wall lights, which match the main light fitting (they are all in the ground floor entrance area). The new wall fittings have revealed a little area of uneven plaster, but it's hardly noticeable in real life and can be easily taken care of next time the building needs to be painted.

Next on the agenda for the building is to have the front garden and pathways newly landscaped. So as our own renovations progress, there will be more to report on for the building too.

Walls - Dulux Antique White USA
Ceiling - painted in a flat ceiling white
Carpet - 100% wool, 'Donkey Grey'
Light fittings - Pearl Lighting and Brassware, Willoughby (Sydney, Australia)

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  1. Yeah, very exciting news Candy! The new lights in the foyer look great.