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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I absolutely love wallpaper. Although I'm probably not going to use it in my own place because I think it's too small - I'm trying to create a sense of space and airiness, as much as I can - I have come across some great websites and wallpapers in my travels so I may as well share just a few. My favourite, hands down, is the flamingo wallpaper by Cole & Sons (above). Retro, restrained colours, quirky, and very cool.

I also love the cockatoo wallpaper by Catherine Martin for Porter's Paints, but I bought a sample and it was way too dark for our little entry alcove, which I was thinking about papering. It sort of has an art deco/art nouveau feel to it:


Being Australian, I definitely have to give Florence Broadhurst wallpapers a mention. Probably because I'm used to seeing them in commercial contexts (hotels, bars, clubs), that's the sort of association I have with them now, so I bought a few samples but found I couldn't commit. Being a bit of a sucker for Australiana, my favourite is probably the cockatoos again (that, and it's cool):

There are also heaps of great vintage, and other, wallpapers available at 5qm (also in my 'Renovation Resources' list on the right-hand side). Because they are vintage the palette is predominantly brown/neutral, and mainly geometric or floral. Here's a cute example that bucks the trend:

One unconventional way that I've seen wallpaper used is behind a glass splashback in the kitchen. I don't actually love the paper below, but it gives you an idea of the effect. I think this is particularly effective in very minimalist homes, where depth, pattern or colour is needed.

I'll finish off on another favourite - bookcase wallpaper:

I could, potentially, go on forever. I just hope I get the right home to use wallpaper in one day - I still might in our apartment, you never know. x

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