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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Welcome - let's start at the beginning

Welcome to CandyHeartsHome. It's been about 15 years since I've done a blog (yes, I know, they did exist back then), and finally something inspired me enough to get cracking again. My husband and I bought a run-down, 1920's art deco apartment in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs just over three years ago. I've always wanted to renovate since I can remember, and after living in our place for the last three years with only minor-to-moderate changes, I finally get to go all-out!

As anyone who has renovated knows, it's hard work, and you discover many good (and not so good) suppliers and service providers along the way. Given the amount of effort and interest I have in process, I thought - why not document it? That way, hopefully I can share it with you (I can be a bit of an over-sharer), and maybe if I get some followers, you can share with me too.

I've already loaded some favourite blogs,  online mags and interiors shops. I've also added a separate page called 'Apartment Tour' which has some pics of what our place was like when we bought it, what it's like now, and hopefully what it's like when it's all gorgeous! 

Keep checking for regular updates on progress and sources of inspiration (i.e. things that I covet). xo

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